Considering the degree of dirty bodywork, while ensuring that the cleaning process does not hurt the car paint, we can choose a suitable cleaning brush for ourselves according to the following points.

First, generally, the car outside have a lot of mud, and hidden in different corners, we need a little harder bristles to clean the body and corners, such hard bristles can choose boar hair or medium nylon.
Boar hair brush stability much better, car cleaning chemical liquids will not reduce the life of this types of brushes, but boar hair brushes costs are higher overall.

This is one of type boar hair detailing brushes, you also can choose other handles design with boar hair.

If boar hair brush price exceeds your budget, you can also choose medium left soft nylon, nylon has good flexibility, cleaning effect is also good, but clean with chemical liquid for a long time, the bristles will be deformed, cleaning effect reduced.

You can choose these brushes to clean your exterior corners, also can clean engine bays, will let car details looks beautiful.

Second, the car interior with a lot of fine dust, not suitable for the use of boar hair or medium-hard nylon, and this type of hair are easy to cause the cleaning fluid during cleaning process splash.

We can choose super soft bristles similar to the female makeup brushes, these bristles are super soft, will not scratch the interior, while the cleaning effect is excellent, fine dust is more easily adsorbed by these brushes.

No matter boar hair, medium nylon or ultra soft nylon bristles, all not hurt car painting and coat, just different bristles for different purposes.