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  • Horse Hair Leather Seat Cleaning Brushes

    Horse Hair Leather Seat Cleaning Brushes

    1.Materials:wood handle and horse bristles

    2.Sizes:16cm and 13.5cm

    3.Features Of Horse Hair Brush:

    •  Horse hair material, soft and hard hair moderate, and it is elastic. It is not easily deformed compared with the plastic wire.
    • It has enough cleaning power and does not hurt the car decoration. It is suitable for cleaning the car roof, seat, interior, etc. It is a must-have for fine washing.
    • The exquisite hand-crafted wooden handles show the quality, the perfect inverted edge, and the beautiful grooves on both sides for better grip.
    • Easy to use: The concave design of the handle has a non-slip, sturdy, comfortable grip and quick cleaning and polished leather.
    • Versatile application: to meet different needs: car leather cleaning, daily cleaning, shoes, gloves, furniture, wallets, hats, belts or other leather products.


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    Multi-functional for details, interior, leather, keyboard and seams on dashboard and console, all the nooks and crannies, also for shoes oiling, polishing.

    Sweep stubborn grime with the soft horse bristles, and it gently cleans leather,panels with the soft, grey bristles.