There are many different wheel brushes in the market, so different quality will exist. The sizes most used are 10cm diameter(45cm long) and 7cm diameter (45cm and 35cm).

How we can choose the right brushes to clean our wheels? Following advices may help you.

  1. Your car wheels sizes especially the center to side gaps’ distance. Large distances will need 45cm large one and small will be 35cm.
  2. The wheel bristles need to hold more water when cleaning, X shape bristles can do. X shape bristles can improve the cleaning result.
  3. The bristles need to be meidum and near to soft. Too soft or hard not better for cleaning, difficult to scratch much dirty both soft and hard bristles.
  4. The handle better to be steel or iron coated with rubber, or easy to rust after use. But if use coated with rubber iron, the bristles density will be low, not better than steel type.
  5. After use, need to hang on the brushes and let them dry under air. Can’t put on the ground directly, or the bristles will be pressed and bent, not good for future use.
X shape bristles